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Invitation to the ACA Annual General Meeting 2015
Dear Members;
The Annual General meeting will be held on:
Sunday March 22nd, 2015 at 2:00pm
Burnaby McGill Library 
4585 Albert Steet,
Burnaby, B.C.
1) To elect Chairman & Secretary for the General Meeting
2) To ascertain the number of active members (entitled to vote) present.
3) To read the minutes of the last general meeting
4) To present the annual report of the Executive Committee
5) To financial report of the Executive & Auditing Committees
6) To hear an address from the Chairperson of the Executive Committee. 
7) To hear an address from the Chairperson of the Trustee Board. 
Short Break 
8) To insert additional items on this agenda as proposed by the General Meeting
9) To nominate candidates for the new Executive Committee
10)To Assign 3 members to supervise the secret ballot 
11)Election of new members to the Executive Committee
12)Election of Auditing Committee
13)Suggestions to the new Executive Committee
14)Closing meeting
Your ideas, suggestions, and participation is appreciated
let us make a difference together!


  • Armenian Movies at Pacifique Cinematheque
  • Armenian Radio Program
  • Volleyball/Basketball on Thursdays @ 8:30pm at Burnaby Secondary School
  • Scholarships for over 30 years
  • Eurofest
  • Lectures, concerts & exhibits
  • Armenian Independence Celebration/Fundraising
  • Sounds of Summer Concert
  • Dance Camp sponsorship
  • April 24th commemoration
  • Cultural events
  • Donation to Syrian Armenians
  • Donation to the Mother and Child Clinic in Armenia
  • Multicultural Day at VPL